Other Stuff I Read

Contrary to popular belief, I actually read books that AREN’T the Bible. So what I am going to do is spend my weekends giving some shout-outs to posts and books and people that I am enjoying.

The first is a book that may have had just a little to do with my decision to work my way through the whole Bible. It is called The Know-It-All by A.J. Jacobs. This guy read through the whole Encyclopedia Britannica and lived to tell the tale. It is hilarious and you learn all kinds of interesting facts. My kind of book!

I also just started reading Evolving In Monkey Town by the talented Rachel Held Evans.

The Funny

Shameless Self-Promotion: The Four Powerpoint Typos

If you have never checked out Stuff Christians Like, this is a great place to start.

The Helpful

Jeff Goins makes a helpful distinction for when you are uninspired

Scot McKnight worked through Love Wins and had an excellent analysis of the book. If you read the comments, you can see where he totally owns me when I try to push back a bit. (Though I still think I make a good point!) I am “JBen.”

The Inspiring

A Portrait of Christ from Jeremy Cowart on Vimeo.

The Epic Fail Pastors Conference. Best. Idea. Ever.

And here is a link to a friend across the pond who is also blogging through the Bible. Her name is Lucy.

Ok. That’s all for this week! Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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