Genesis 29: Romantic Comedy

Genesis 29 started out looking like an adorable love story. It ended up as a “hilarious” comedy of errors that would make The Bard proud.

And by hilarious I mean awkward, tragic, horrible, and awkward!

Jacob meets Rachel at a well and falls madly in love with her. He tells her father/his uncle Laban that he will work seven years in order to marry her. Laban agrees.

Seven Years Later . . .

When the Jacob has finished his work he gives what will earn him today’s AAA (Awarding Arbitrary Accomplishment):

Most Inappropriate “ask the parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage” ask EVER!

It basically boils down to this: (and make sure you say it with a thick Brooklyn accent) “Hey, Laban, get your daughter over here so I can get down to business if you know what I mean! And what I mean is sex. Bada-Bing! Hey-O!

I remember asking Andrea’s parents for permission to marry her and I am pretty sure my conversation sounded nothing like that one.

(FYI, I have created a separate page so we can all keep track of the AAA’s. It is on the main menu bar.)

What a hilarious misunderstanding!

Laban then gives Jacob the ultimate taste of his own medicine. He tricks (much in the same way Jacob tricked Isaac into giving him Esau’s blessing) into marrying, and by that I mean “bada-binging” Rachel’s older and “lovely-eyed” sister, Leah.

What does “lovely eyes” mean anyway? Is that like saying she has a great personality?

Jacob wakes up totally confused as to what just happened. Laban let’s him know that it is their custom to marry off the older girls first before the younger ones.

“Once again, something that could have been brought to my attention seven years ago!

He proceeds to work another seven years and finally gets the girl of his dreams and lives happily ever after . . . yeeeeaaaaaaahhhh . . .

Leah’s Children

The chapter closes with the story of the birth of Jacob and Leah’s first four children. You know, for not loving Leah, Jacob sure has no problem getting her pregnant!

This is where God shows up. He notices that Leah is unloved and gives her children. Leah sees this as an opportunity to earn the love of her husband but each successive child seems to bring her farther from her goal.

With the birth of Judah, she understands.

Her praise turns towards the place it belonged all along: the LORD.

She realized that the love she was looking for could not be found with Jacob. It took her many years and what must have been many painful conversations and interactions to understand but she got it.

What a beautiful ending to an otherwise awful story. Ahh, redemption.

5 responses

  1. I just finished reading about Jacob and Rachel and Leah and I had that same thought when at the end of working for Laban he says, let me have your daughter now so I can have sex with her. Nothing like beating around the bush, hey? And then, he sleeps with the wrong one because they tricked him and has to start all over with another seven years, even though he gets Rachel after just a week, I think. Wow, kinda messed up family, huh?

  2. !!! I never saw it that way before re: Jacob getting a taste of his own medicine.

    Are you familiar with Rich Mullins’ songs? Jacob and 2 Women is one of the best CCM songs ever written.

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