Genesis 30: Sheepy Shenanigans

So here is part 2 of Genesis 30. You can read part 1 here.

I want to continue this little theme of “Breed Wars” from yesterday. (but this time without the running commentary.) The first part of Genesis 30 was about breeding children

The second part is about breeding sheep.

And that puts it firmly in the category of “not as weird.”

But just because it is not as weird doesn’t mean it is not as interesting. Jacob and Laban face off in the first Biblical Battle-of-Wits. What’s at stake? Well, a flock of sheep and goats.

That’s it. But it’s a fun ride. Trust me.

Flockin’ A!

Jacob thinks it’s about time to leave Laban. He has been working there for 21 years or so and has had enough. All he asks is that he take the spotted, speckled, and striped sheep and goats so he can start his own flock.

Laban agrees but tries to pull the wool over Jacob’s eyes (Nice! A wool joke in a story about sheep. I am so awesome!) by taking all of those sheep and hiding them far away from Jacob.

That’s a pretty dirty trick. And Laban would’ve gotten away with it if Jacob hadn’t planned for that move already.

He makes shepherds’ rods and peels white streaks in them so they end up looking like the very sheep he wants to take. What is he doing with these rods? Great question!

He leads the sheep to the ol’ waterin’ hole and lets them, um, do it like they do on the discovery channel. But the catch is they look at the rod while they mate. The hope being that they will make baby sheep that look like the rod; as in striped and speckled.

Because, you know, that works?

I would have made a rod like this one. Those would be some awesome looking sheep!

Well, apparently it does work.

And what makes it better is he breeds the strong ones for himself and leaves the weak ones with Laban’s flock. Oh snap! This dude lives up to his name! (which is “deceiver” bee-tee-dubs.)

The Family Business

And now Jacob is living the high life like his father and grandfather before him. Each of them got their wealth as a result of being dishonest.

I have said it before and I will say it again: God sure knows how to pick’em!


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