Other Stuff I Read This Week

Happy Mothers’ Day! If your mother is within arms’ reach, give her a hug for me. Seriously, do it. I’m not writing anything more until you give that amazing woman a hug!

Ok. Nice work.

It is time for the second edition of “Other Stuff I Read.” I just want to share with you some things I read this week that I think you might enjoy. So . . . Enjoy!

Restoring Unity

I joined in with Rachel Held Evans’ Rally to Restore Unity not once, but twice! Here were just a couple of my favorite posts from that.

Check out all the blogs people wrote about Christian Unity and give to the charity!

Becoming a Better Blogger

I want to learn about how to be a better blogger so I joined Bryan Allain’s (who has a hilarious blog ) Blogrocket Community. Excited to learn and see where it takes me! Sign up if you want to learn with me.

Jeff Goins also has some super helpful tips for attracting new readers and keeping them. I am trying some of them out right now!

Read This One!

My fiance wrote a beautiful piece about finding space for others in our lives.

I love this engagement picture and so should you!

And just in case you missed it, Genesis 32, 33, and 34 went up. I very much enjoyed writing all of those. Tell me what you think!

Again, check out Lucy as she blogs through the Bible. She will be writing a guest post very soon as well!

So what else should I be reading? Put a link to your blog or one you really enjoy in the comments!

2 responses

    • I actually have you on the links section under “people doing the same thing”. I am also planning on mentioning you in this week’s “other stuff.” Which of your posts has been your favorite so far?

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