Genesis 43: Joseph Is The Man!

The “Brothers J” make the trek back to Egypt for more food from “the man.” In tow is their youngest brother, Benjamin (great name BTW!), whom “the man” wanted to see.  Hilarity ensues.

Or you could look at Genesis 43 this way:

The brothers go through their food really fast. Then Joseph has a cry-fest. And finally they all sit down to a great big feast. All while listening to Feist.

Yeah, I like the first one better too.

Stickin’ It To “The Man”

Joseph is referred to as “the man” no less than six times. I thought this was pretty funny given that he is basically in charge of an entire country. Wow! The Bible accurately predicted modern vernacular slang terms thousands of years before anyone spoke them!


But seriously, Joseph really is “the man.” He is large and in charge. His word is law. He strikes terror into the hearts of those who have upset him. Just like “the man” today. (MotorCop, if you are reading this, I wrote it in your honor.)

An Irony-Rich Diet

I would like to point out not one, but two fantastic uses of irony in this chapter. The first is Judah swearing to bear the responsibility for his little brother:

You can hold me accountable for him. If I do not bring him back to you and set him before you, then let me bear the blame forever.

Haha. That’s funny. Judah volunteering to be held responsible for his brother. I wonder what Joseph would say if asked about how well Judah does in that area.

The other ironic incident happens when the brothers get scared about what “the man” will do to them.

He may have the opportunity to fall upon us, to make us slaves and take our donkeys.

Really? You are scared of being made slaves? Aww, I’m sorry. That must be hard for you. Why don’t you ask Joseph how he feels about that.

My Eyes Are Just Sweaty!

Joseph is a crier. He cried when he saw his brothers last time and now he cries when he sees his younger brother, Benjamin. This time he has to excuse himself to go have a good sob in the bathroom.

It’s good to know that in 4,000 years, we still haven’t made any progress thinking it is ok for guys to cry in public.

Whatever. I’ll admit it. I totally cry. But only when I watch movies or TV shows. And maybe when I read the end of the Harry Potter books.

I am teary eyed through the entire movie of Finding Nemo.

I cried for like an hour after watching Dragonheart.

And I totally cried during that episode of LOST where Jack and Kate were chasing after Charlie and they thought he was dead because he was hanging in the tree and then they got him down and tried to do CPR on him for like 20 minutes but he wouldn’t start breathing and Jack had to punch his chest and Kate was totally crying because she thought he was dead.

Yeah, it was a good one.

What kinds of things make you cry?

One response

  1. I love that Joseph is a crier – it’s good for guys to get the Biblical pass on that one. I’ve never been emotional except when my hormones are surging (which I’m sure you’re glad to know). When it’s that time, I cry over the floss running out.

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