Exodus 7: Snakes and a Plague

Today’s guest post is by BlogRocketeer Jared Hollier who blogs over at Badly Drawn Bible. He lends some of his bad drawing skills to The Whole Dang Thing. Read his post, check out his blog, and follow him on Twitter.


Do you smell that? It’s action! Exodus 7 is the beginning of a story so awesome that Charlton Heston and Yul Brenner made a movie about it.

This chapter starts off with God telling Moses, “Since you stutter, Aaron is going to speak for you. And your words will be like my words to Pharaoh.

“Oh, and you’re totally going to fail!”

Call me crazy, but when God asks me to do something, I want to succeed at it. I want his assurance that things will go well. I’m sure Moses would have preferred the same thing, but that’s not how this transaction goes down. God says, “Go tell Pharaoh to let the people go, but you should know going into this thing that he’s not gonna listen to you.”

Right from the start, they know this will be an exercise in futility. But “Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord commanded them.”

They went anyway! I love it.

So, they go see Pharaoh, Aaron’s staff turns into a snake and swallows a bunch of other staffs that have also turned into snakes (which is totally normal in Egypt, I guess?), and Pharaoh says he’s not gonna let anybody go anywhere. God had warned Moses and Aaron that would happen.

Here’s where things start getting awesome.

God uses Moses’ staff to turn all the water in Egypt into blood, which is horrendous and gross. Imagine you’re mixing up some KoolAid or taking a shower or doing some laundry when all your water turns into blood. I don’t care where you’re from- when you’re rinsing the Pert Plus 2-in-1 shampoo AND conditioner (how did they ever come up with that?! Brilliant!) out of your hair with blood, that’s a bad day.

The thing that jumps out at me about this chapter is Moses and Aaron’s reaction to the whole situation. Verses 6 and 20 both say that “Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord had commanded them.” Even though they knew it would be awkward, and people would be mad about the whole water-to-blood thing, and Pharaoh would hate them for it, they did what God told them to do.

I wish I was as willing as those two were to just throw off my pride and say, “Sure thing, God. Certain failure and ridicule? You got it. I’m in. Let’s do this!” But too often, pride and fear of rejection stand between me and obedience.

I’ve got to trust that sometimes God may lead me through something that feels like failure in order to gain glory for Himself. I’ve got to remember that my life is supposed to be about building His kingdom, not mine. It’s not my reputation I should be worried about, it’s His. And if He wants to ruin me for His sake, I’ve got to be OK with that.


Jared and his wife, Elizabeth, and I live in Jasper, TX where He’s the pastor at Peachtree Baptist Church. They have a two year old son named Sam, and have another boy, Nate, due in August. If you don’t like Amos Lee, Ray LaMontagne, Thursday night NBC shows, Mexican food, or ESPN, he’s not sure you can be friends with him. Also, he just started reading the Harry Potter books, and hasn’t seen the movies, so don’t ruin it for him.

5 responses

  1. Best title of a blog post ever. And a great message within this post/story/chapter of the Bible. I sure wish I had the kind of trust and faith to go into something, knowing I will fail, but do it anyway because GOD said so. I love this blog!!

  2. So, I shouldn’t tell him that one character dies in HP?


    I absolutely love Jared’s artwork. I wish I could be that creative with the drawing. Alas, I can not and must simply bathe in the stick figure glory that is the Badly Drawn Bible. Conceptual magic, sir!

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