Guest Post for Knox McCoy!


Recently there have been a lot of guest posts here on The Whole Dang Thing. Today I am gettin’ in on that action by guest posting over at Knox McCoy’s Blog. If you don’t know anything about this cat, well, you need to get learned! His recaps of the Bachelorette are so famous they are IN-famous.

Today I am writing about the four types of Powerpoint Typos. I rate the severity of the problem, provide tangible examples, and give you a best guess as to who will notice. Here is a sneak peak. A little scooby-snack if you will.


I recently filled in for the worship pastor at church and needed to fix up some of the powerpoint slides for the service. I got to the second verse of one of the songs and had a mini panic attack. Not because I forgot the words, but because I forgot how to spell the words.

The line was supposed to be “I was lost in utter darkness till you came and rescued me.” Easy enough until you think about the other word that sounds like “utter.”

That’s right: udder.

Which one was it?  I needed to figure it out quick or I was in trouble. That would seriously change the meaning of the song! One is when something is complete and absolute. The other is cow boobs.


Oh, you are SO intrigued! Read on right here!

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