Exodus 13: Remembering Their Story

When in the future your child asks you, “What does this mean?” you shall answer, “By strength of hand the Lord brought us out of Egypt, from the house of slavery. – Exodus 13:14

God and Moses are adamant that the people remember their story. They should be able to explain it to their children. Their children should be able to explain it to their own children.

To help, God gives the people specific rituals to be performed at specific times of the year so that they remember their story. That is the point of rituals: Remembrance.

So each year, in the first month, on the night they were set free, the following things must happen:

1) Mmm, Roasted Lamb:

Families gather together and enjoy a roasted lamb. Just make sure the lamb still has all its organs. You don’t have time to take those things out!

Remember, you were in a hurry to get out of Egypt.

2) Put On Your Travelin’ Clothes

Sandals? Check. Walking stick in hand? Check. Robe tucked into your belt? Check.

Good. You are remembering how you were ready to leave at the drop of a hat.

3) No Leavening in the bread!

For God’s sake man! I don’t even want to SEE that stuff for a week! We don’t have time to let the bread rise!

Again, you were leaving that place quickly.

4) Pull An All Nighter

Not because you were studying for that brick-making exam, but because crazy sh*t was going down outside. God was roaming the streets. Remember that.

5) Sacrifice the firstborn

Never forget that the thing that got you out of Egypt was God killing the firstborn children of Egypt. And never forget that he spared your own children because a lamb had taken their place.

So make sure you sacrifice a lamb each year to remember this.

Remember the Story.

Remember that you were once in slavery but God came in with a mighty hand and brought you out of that bondage and into a good land.

Remember the night it happened. Remember that God went through Egypt and struck down the firstborn children of Egypt but spared the ones of Israel.

Remember the lamb that was slaughtered and the blood we put on the door as a sign.

Remember the meal we prepared and ate quickly so we were ready to go.

Remember what it was like to hear the announcement that we were free to go.

Remember . . .

4 responses

    • Yes. That will become particularly important when I get into the Law books. I am just trying to experience the Bible as I go and understand what it says in the moment. Hope you are doing well Myeshia!

  1. Oh! Sorry I jumped the gun! I am well thanks. Your blogs (posts) have become part of my bible study. I really should do the same research. Nice work here. 🙂

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