Other Stuff Sunday

Welcome back to my “weekly” reminder that I read things that aren’t the Bible. I read a bunch of really great posts this week and I am looking forward to sharing them with you.

But first, some announcements:

I’ll be taking the day off tomorrow. My fiance and I officially ended our long-distance relationship . . . by finally being in the same place! We are flying from St. Louis to Portland, OR to do a bunch of cool stuff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

But I shall return on Tuesday with a post that will rock yo’ socks off.

Other Stuff!

First off, go and get the new EP by Derek Webb and his lovely wife, Sandra McCracken.

As you are listening, read this post and this post by my fiance about our wedding registry experience this week. Then PLEASE try to convince her to join twitter. She won’t do it but it will make me very happy if you do.

Then once you do that, read this post by MotorCop about what he hears when you talk to him after being pulled over.

Once you get learned with that, learn some more from Sharideth and her crack (emphasis on “crack”) analysis of the Peanuts gang.

When you have filled up on Peanuts, taste this one about the “blessed redundancy” of airliners.

That ought to give you plenty to do today. I’ll see you all on Tuesday! Have a great 4th!


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