Exodus 18: Three Possible Posts about Jethro

The sweeping epic of Exodus finally takes a more human and relational turn in chapter 18. Moses’ Father-in-law, Jethro comes by for a visit and the two men have a heart to heart. Hilarity ensues.

Ok, not really. But it could have. Actually, lots of things could have ensued. So many that I couldn’t decide what direction to take this post.

As a result, what you get today is the three ways this post could have gone.

Option #1: eHarmony Profile

Why hello there older ladies! Are you looking for some later-life lovin’? Well, look no further than my man Jethro! This dude has everything a gregarious granny could want in a man. Let me count the ways:

  1. He’s a family man who takes care of his daughter and grandchildren
  2. He’s a great listener
  3. He will rejoice for you when things go well
  4. He asks good questions
  5. He always looks out for what’s best for you and the family.

Isn’t that great! Do yourself a favor, contact ol’ Jethro and let him know you are interested.

Option #2) Leadership Blog

What is one of the main temptations leaders face? Anyone? Bueller? It is thinking they have to do everything themselves.

Leaders want to get things done and they want those things done right. It can become difficult to entrust others with important tasks because they aren’t sure the other people really understand how things ought to be done.

Leaders, listen to me now: You have to let it go.

If you try to control everything, you will burn out and leave a trail of disillusioned, bitter followers behind you.

Jethro knew this. Moses didn’t.

Moses was trying to do everything himself and it was getting out of control. Jethro had to step in and confront Moses to his face about the dangers of that kind of leadership.

So leaders, let it go. Delegate responsibility. Don’t try to do everything. Your leadership will improve drastically when you do.

Option #3) Theological Reflection

Up to this point, Moses has been the point person between the people and God. He has heard God speak and has relayed the message to the people about what they should do.

This chapter marks a shift in the structure because now there are new people who can tell right from wrong amongst the Israelites. It isn’t just Moses’ job anymore.

But it raises a question: How will they know what God wants? He hasn’t really been speaking to anyone except Moses.

They are going to need some kind of codified law that they all can learn. They each will need to become experts on God and his commands.

But wherever shall they get such a law? 🙂


Well, those were my ideas. How would you have written this post? What is your father-in-law like?

2 responses

  1. I would have avoided #1 because old dudes are creepy. I will believe this UNTIL I am old and okay with creepy. My father-in-law is lovely. At least he seems lovely in the Viva Paper Towel commercial with his son Mike Rowe.

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