5 Things I “Hate” About @randomlychad

You may recall that earlier in the week I gave a pop quiz about Exodus 22. I said the winner would receive some free blog promotion from yours truly on Sunday.

Well, Sunday has arrived and I am very happy to announce the winner:

Chad Jones! (Follow him on twitter here)

Congrats Chad!  You answered 7/8 questions correctly. And your prize is some blog lovin’ today. One of Chad’s favorite things to do is “hate” people on his blog. So I thought I would return the favor.

5 Things I “Hate” about @randomlychad

1) He Sucks at Hating People. So a few months ago Chad started hating people on his blog. It seemed like a good idea but then he started putting links to their blogs on his.

You know what happened? Both his traffic and their traffic increased! Talk about counter-productive! He tried to be mean and ended up helping everyone. Lame!

Here are some of his worst hateful posts. This one and this one.

2) He’s Thinks Bathrooms are Funny. Gross. Seriously Chad, just get in and get out as quickly as possible. Don’t sit around thinking of funny things. What does he find funny about them? Well, check out this dumb post about things you overhear in a public restroom or this post about what feels better than getting to a urinal in time.

3) He’s An Introvert. As an Extrovert, I am required by law to think he is weird. How do you think about things and never say them? What is this “alone time” I have been hearing about? So weird! He did manage to crawl out of his hermit cave and write a post about being an introverted parent.

4) Speaking of Parenting, He also has funny kids. I hate that. Don’t you? I don’t have kids but let me assure you that if I did they would NOT be funny. I simply could not stand by and watch my children steal my thunder. You are grounded mister! Kids can be such a hassle.

5) He Reads. And no one hates anything more than a person who reads (present company excluded of course!). Filling up their brain with knowledge and insight. Gag me with a spoon! Here are some books he read and then had some fun with.


Well, there you have it. Chad Jones. Winner of my first ever pop quiz. Congrats man!

Peace out!


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