Exodus 25: The iArk

Hey everyone! I’m back. Thanks for letting me take a little break for some vacation. Here’s a quick rundown of all that I did since last Sunday:

  • Monday: Boated on Lake Tahoe. It was awesome. I swam in the beautiful Emerald Bay and ate at a restaurant famous for their “Woody’s.
  • Tuesday: Drove to Reno, caught a plane to St. Louis, ate chicken rings from White Castle.
  • Wednesday: Packed all my fiancée’s stuff into her car and drove from St. Louis to Amarillo, TX where we couch surfed at a total stranger’s house.
  • Thursday: Drove from Amarillo to Phoenix.
  • Friday: Applied long distance for an apartment (fingers crossed!). Overnighted the checks. That is expensive!
  • Saturday: Had brunch with the future Father-in-law while Andrea had a bridal shower
  • Sunday: Took care of a sick Andrea and got a firsthand look at the site of my wedding. Two words: That is one hell of a backyard.

So I’m back! Yes! And now I need to make up that chapter I skipped. Ready for Exodus 25? I thought so!

DIY Religious Artifacts

God sends Moses on a little scavenger hunt for some items I’m sure everyone just had lying around their tents (such as LOTS of gold, acacia wood, goat hair, and onyx stones. You know, the basics.) so he can build some stuff.

There is a list of four things Moses and the Israelites must make. But reading through them, I realized that us modern readers might not understand just what the purposes of these items were. So here’s my attempt to explain them and give you a modern day equivalent.

THe Ark

What it is: A box overlayed with gold.

What it is for: Holding the stone tablets on which the covenant is written

Modern Equivalent: Smartphone

Huh?: Yeah, a smartphone. This is so they can always reference what God has told them. Do you know how many times I have consulted my smartphone to look up something I was already told? Or how many times I have referred to emails on that thing?

Also, I have a Bible on it. So technically the covenant is contained on my phone.

All it needs are poles and to be covered in gold.

The Mercy Seat

What it is: A fancy box top, made of gold, for the Ark. And you know what, I’ll throw in two Cherubim for free.

What it is for: This is the place where God shows up and talks to Moses

Modern Equivalent: Phone/Skype/Facetime

Huh?: Well, if the Ark is a smartphone, the Mercy Seat is where the “phone” part happens. God can talk to Moses anywhere as long as Moses has the Ark with him. And they do it face-to-face.

The Table

What it is: Um, a table. But covered in gold

What it is for: Holding the Bread of the Presence

Modern Equivalent: A table would be too easy. Let’s go with Tupperware.

Huh?: There is always supposed to be bread on that thing. It’s going to go bad! So this thing is Tupperware because nothing goes bad when it is sealed in Tupperware. Right?

THe Lampstand

What it is: Um, a lampstand. Ok, maybe some of these actually do translate well.

What it is for: Really? Really?

Modern Equivalent: Take a wild guess.

Huh?: Oh, did I mention that these lampstands, like everything else here, are to be made of solid gold?

What do you think? Would you compare these items to something else? What about the lampstand? I dare you to be creative with that one!


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  1. I’m pretty sure a smartphone covers them all. I’m even willing to bet that there’s an app somewhere out there that lets you carry your phone like the Ark. Drop it and you get struck with lightning. Very popular, I’m sure.

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