Exodus 36: Construction Begins!

The time has come. Word has spread. The people have gathered their offerings and brought them to Moses and the craftsmen. They can now begin building the tabernacle.

We have been waiting for this moment for 10 chapters and we can finally start!

Bezalel and Oholiab, together with their small army of skilled workers are about to start building God’s tent. This will be the place He will dwell as he lives among his people.

Most of the chapter is a description of what was made and how it was made. I had a difficult time following along with the instructions. Would it be too much to ask to have some visual aids like a normal instruction manual?! Sheesh.

I will see if I can describe it while my roommates play Halo. I love a good challenge.

It’s Curtains For You!

The people make ten curtains of the colored linens. They are about 42 feet long and 6 feet wide. The curtains are then joined in groups of five. I guess this is so they won’t be so big that they can’t be carried.

The two groups of five are then joined together via gold clasps. This means that the linen curtain will be 42 feet long and 60 feet wide when it is all put together.

On top of that is a covering of goat hair. This one is just as wide as the last one but 3 feet longer. Oh, and they made eleven of these. So it will just barely fit over the top of the last one.

Then there were two final coverings: one of ram skin and the other of dolphin, or manatee. I can’t figure out which.

Either way, what?

And there are your curtains.

I Was Framed!

The curtains are draped over a 15-foot frame made of acacia wood. It is rectangular in shape and seems like it will be pretty sturdy, given that there are a bunch of crossbeams holding it up.

Don’t I sound like I know a ton about construction?

From the description, it seems like this frame could be assembled and then disassembled fairly easily.

One More Curtain!

And finally, to close out the chapter, they make a curtain for the entrance to the tent. It is constructed out of the same linens as the first set of curtains I described.

And it has pretty cherubim on it! Lovely.

And that is Exodus 35.

Granted, it was not the most exciting chapter, but it did give me an idea about how to celebrate the book of Exodus when I am done . . .

(I found this sweet site whilst looking for a visual representation of the tabernacle. It has all kinds of fun infographics! Hooray!)


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