Exodus: I Built a Tabernacle!

Let me catch you up to speed: I am celebrating the completion of my time in Exodus by building a scale model of the Tabernacle. It has been a “grueling” process fraught with danger and intrigue.

But today I am proud to announce that I have finished the Tabernacle Tent! All the accessories are in place and to scale. Who has two thumbs and is satisfied with a good weekend’s work?

This guy! (I am pointing at myself with my thumbs.)

Here is a pictorial retelling of how I built it.

I decided to start over and do the measurements right. I borrowed a hot glue gun and began assembling the sections of the tent. When I was finished, it looked a little something like this:

Next I sewed together the different coverings. I know there were supposed to be four but I only did three. That’s a more biblical number anyway, right?

The colored linens, the dolphin skin, and the ram/goat skin.

Here are all the layers.

Once that was finished, I needed to make the entryway to the tent and the division into the holy of holies. So I put in the pegs, sewed some curtains, and hung those suckers up.

These curtains will be available if you want some snazzy children's clothing made out of them.

Finally! The outer part of the tent was completed! Now it was time to make some fabulous accessories! Hello! First up was the Ark of the Covenant. I made it by folding yellow construction paper. Pretty exciting, I know. But it looks cool.

This thing is a whopping 1.25 inches long.

Then I made the lamp stand out of some pipe cleaners

I actually made seven of them because I read the text wrong. What a waste.

Then I finished up by making the table and the incense altar. These things are so silly looking that they aren’t even worth taking a picture of. I put everything together and found a figure to be my high priest.

And for my final trick I put the covers on and pinned them in place. Here is the final finished product:


What do you think? Am I going to give Bezalel a run for his money? Do I have the potential to become an etsy superstar by selling these things?

Come on back tomorrow for the final chapter of Exodus. So exciting!


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