Leviticus 1: The Sound of Sacrifice (Guest Post for Rachel Held Evans)

(Two things: 1} This is a repost from back in July. Leviticus 1 was a guest post for Rachel Held Evans. and 2} What do you think of the Blog’s new look?)

So there is this awesome blog I like to read. This awesome blogger writer person named Rachel Held Evans writes it. Perhaps you’ve heard of her?

Well, she invited me to write a guest post for that awesome blog. What?! Yes, you heard me right.

So I did it. And I am beyond honored that she gave me this fantastic opportunity. Thanks Rachel! You’re a good egg.

But I jumped ahead a bit for this one. I wanted to give all the new people a taste of what goes down over here and I thought there was no better way than to write a post about Leviticus 1.

Here’s a little sneak peak.

“. . . it is still hard for us to get into Leviticus because the songish nature doesn’t translate well. But fear not my friends! I have decided to help us all out by transforming a certain memorable song into the basic instructions for bringing a burnt offering.

So the next time you want to have a BBQ for the LORD but can’t remember how to do it, just sing this little diddy and everything will fall neatly into place.”

Be forewarned, I just might ruin a childhood classic for you. But it will be totally worth it. I promise. So head on over to Rachel’s blog and check it out!

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