Most Inappropriate Audition Song?

Imma level with you good folks: I had a rough day yesterday. And getting my post about Leviticus 2 all finished and funnied up just wasn’t in the cards. So I’m going to change it up a bit today.

Next week I am flying to Chicago to audition for the worship team at a big conference that will be held next year. It is a pretty big deal and I am excited about it. My audition will include singing a song and playing my guitar.

Please, make me laugh by answering the following question:

What would be THE WORST song I could sing at that audition?

I want these people to be horrified.

Example: “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry or “Super Freak” by Rick James. Remember, this is for a worship team.

So let’s have it. Give me those songs! If you are lucky, I might just do one of them!


27 responses

  1. It depends on which way you’re trying to horrify them; musically or lyrically. I’m pretty sure you’d steal the show with Gaga’s Alejandro.

  2. Horrified? I think a tune from Broadway’s “Avenue Q” might do it. Maybe “Schadenfreude” or “If You Were Gay”….. I think “You Can Be As Loud as the H*ll Want When You’re Makin’ Love” might be pushing it…. lol

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