Other Stuff Sunday: My Favorite Comments.

One of my hopes for this blog is that the readers will enjoy adding their own insightful and irreverent thoughts to the conversation. Over the past few months, many people have done just that.

So I would like to celebrate by highlighting my favorite comments left by you, the readers, on this blog.

(If you have a website and I didn’t link to it, let me know and I will fix it!)

Best Suggestion:

Jamie, after seeing my homemade Tabernacle:

“How meticulous! This would look perfect in a collection of Easter baskets and nativities.”

And because of that, I’m keeping that sucker till Easter and decorating the outside with Easter grass.

Best Question:

Halle, in response to the Jacob and Esau drama:

“Have you ever wondered why God chose Jacob to be the father of Israel, rather than Esau? Esau seems compassionate and the kid at the playground who always gets shoved out of the way. Jacob, on the other hand, is aggressive and selfish. Not really a role model. Thoughts?”

Love it! Such a great question!

Best Insight

Chris, in response to Bezalel’s divine artistic gifting:

“The very first mention of [a person being filled with] the Holy Spirit in the Bible.”

I never considered that. So interesting!

Best “not trying to get it right at all”

Tor, when he was answering my pop quiz questions:

“1. E-none of the above
2. What have you got against Banditos?
3. Depends
4. B (I copied my answer from Chad)
5. Run-on sentence
6. Define “seduce?”
7. X…as in X-Files
8. Signs; Independence Day; Mars Attacks; Invasion of the Body Snatchers… etc.”

If you knew the questions, you would see how ridiculous these answers are.

Best Honest Reaction

Steve, after reading about God almost killing Moses:

“I was so upset by the story a few months back when it came round in readings for Vigils that I went to the rabbis online to find out.”

A) I love it when people get upset at stuff in the Bible. I think it means they are actually engaging with it. B) He didn’t just sit in his confusion, he went to real life Rabbis for some answers. Love it.

Best Comment That Inspired Me To Go Eat a Hamburger

Julie, when talking about significant places in her life:

“I don’t have an altar built of Steak & Shake glasses that I’ve stolen or anything (’cause we know God always shows up in Steak & Shake), but I do like to find fun little things to carry along with me!”

As a result of this comment, my fiance and I went to a Steak & Shake when we were in St. Louis. It was delicious.


A big thanks to all the awesome people who comment on my blog! You make my day and make this so much more fun to do!


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