Leviticus 12: Babies!

Wanna learn something new today?

Leviticus 12 is the shortest chapter in the Bible so far. In fact, this post will probably end up being longer than the chapter itself.

And that was good because I am on my last page of Leviticus and need to print out some more but I am out of paper for the time being.

Ok, who wants to get awkward?

Babies: The Super Period

Ladies, if you are going to have a baby, be prepared to be ceremonially unclean for at least a week and to spend at least a month (maybe two) in a phase known as “Blood purification.” That sounds pretty cool. I bet that it is.

It would seem that from a ceremonial standpoint, having a baby is like having a period, but a super crazy huge one.

I told you this was going to get awkward.

Maybe the reason is that a heckuva lot more stuff comes out of there when you have a kid. Moms? Help me out? We can be real here. We’re just talkin’ ’bout the Bible.

Boys and Girls

The unclean and blood purification times are cut in half when the mother has a son.

Boys: 8 days and 33 days
Girls: 2 weeks and 66 days.

66 days? That is the same as the number of books in the Bible! Guess what you can do during that time!

So why is that? My first thought was that there was some stigma against girls. They are worse somehow and make you more uncleaner. And that may be what ends up being true. Which would totally suck.

But the boys need to get circumcised on the 8th day. That gives the mother just enough time to get clean and present the child.

I don’t know if I can make sense of the doubled blood purification time. Any thoughts?

New Job For The Priests

I have mentioned before that when things start getting repetitive in Leviticus, you need to look for the thing that is different. I found something that was just different enough to make me notice.

” . . . and the priest shall make atonement on her behalf, and she shall be clean.

Earlier, the priests were making atonement and forgiving people. Now they are making atonement for people’s cleanliness. I was so used to the other way that I thought I had actually read the word “forgiven” instead of “clean.”

I think it’s a good change. I am glad that having a child isn’t a sin.

If only I could figure out why the woman would need to offer a sheep as a sin offering.

4 responses

  1. That’s good because when I read through that part of Leviticus, I got really sad because I thought it was saying that a woman had to be forgiven after having a baby but then I keep thinking that the whole point of us being here is to be fruitful and multiply so it didn’t make sense. But I guess if you think of it as just them being made clean again, it makes more sense and isn’t so disappointing.

  2. it seems like a long time, but after birth, time flies and drags cuz the body is still healing (which at times can be just as painful as actually giving birth)- the “major healing” takes 6 weeks-ish for most people- while in some other countries they say it takes 3 months (after my first, i think i lean more towards 3 months). i’ve never had a girl so i cant comment on the comparison aspect, but so far i’ve heard it’s slightly worse (not 2x’s though) and the thought that she will grow up one day to be a wife/mother/have her own cycles as well, she needed more consecration time whereas the boy was able to be physcially consecrated in a different way. http://www.stilltruth.com/2006/leviticus_12_5_why_are_girls_different_boys i found this site to have a couple of answers too

  3. Look for the good or positive when dealing with Gods word, we seem to jump to conclusions as our sin nature dictates , but remember, Gods ways are past finding out at times, we just have to trust that God knows what hes doing without being negative , we dont question God about the things we understand , so we shouldnt over tax our small brains , just knowing God has a good reason is good enough for me, dont worry about the world, they will never accept Gods word regardless of the explanantion you give.

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