Taking November Off

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to fill you in on my plans for the next month. They basically go like this: I am taking a break for the month of November.

Why? Well, on November 12 I will be getting myself married! So the week before that will be the final preparations, then there will be the wedding, and then the honeymoon.

I am not blogging on my honeymoon.

"Kourtney Kardashian" and "Agent Smith" will be wedded on November 12!

I figured this was a great place to stop since I just finished Leviticus. So come December, I will jump back in and practice my math skills in Numbers.

So in the meantime, do lots of fun stuff. Let people know they have a month to catch up and let’s have some fun in December!


11 responses

  1. Congratulations!

    I appreciated your commentary at the end of Leviticus. So much that I might go back and try to read Leviticus – it is indeed where I stopped in my attempt to read straight through the Bible.

    Perhaps you would be interested to know that the Hebrew title of the book of Numbers is “B’midbar” which means “In the wilderness.” I just thought you ought to know where things are headed.

  2. Ah. Congratulations. And I sincerely hope and pray that your marriage makes it a little bit longer than that of your alter egos in the photo. All good wishes for a blessed partnership and a great life together.

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