New Year’s Break

Howdy Partners!

I am taking a cue from virtually every other blogger I know and not posting anything new until next week. Enjoy your post-Christmas time!

If you want a super awkward movie to watch, go see “Young Adult.” It is good but I was cringing through the whole movie.

Also, if you must have some Whole Dang Thing to tide you over, you could always go read some old posts. I suggest clicking on the “Pick a Book” tab and havin’ at it. And while you are at it, give someone you love the gift of this blog and share it with them.

See you in 2012!

2 responses

    • A lot of people are just taking a break to refresh themselves and plan ahead for the new year. That, and they are just taking a vacation to be with their friends and family. On monday, the blogosphere will explode with new material.

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