Numbers 26: We Are The 601,730

A generation has passed.

None save three men witnessed the LORD’s deliverance of his people from Egypt.

Every single Israelite was born in the wilderness. Homeless. Nomadic.

They’ve never known what a house of stone or brick is like. But that isn’t all bad. Unlike their parents, they’ve never had to make bricks.

And now, the time draws near. Their journey is nearing its end. As Numbers 26 concludes, the people are camped on the plains of Moab across from the great city of Jericho.

The Second Census

New generation, new head count. I guess that’s how it goes.

Last time, the count was specifically for learning how big the Israelite army would be. This time, that is factored in, but there is some additional knowledge needed.

Since they are entering the promised land very soon, they will have to know which tribe will get which piece of land. They will need to know how big that land needs to be. We wouldn’t want to give the biggest piece of land to the Simeon, the smallest tribe. And We wouldn’t want to give the smallest piece of land to Judah, the largest tribe.

We need to be fair about this. After all, we need to find space for 601,730 people to live.

What? That is just the men? Oy.


It’s been a long time since I’ve done this but I saw a list of names in Numbers 26 and couldn’t resist having a a little fun with them.

Most likely to say it’s not about the money and then take the largest contract in Baseball history: Arod

Name that almost made the cut in “The Lion King”: Puvah

Most progressive Parent: Zelophehad. For having five daughters and naming one of them “Noah.”

Most likely to be ridiculed at school for having a boy’s name: Noah.

Most Likely to be glad he was born thousands of years before “Twilight”: Bela

Most Likely to be a nerd who falls in love with a girl way out of his league: Jahleel. Ten points for you if you know why.

Squishiest Clan: Mushites. Talk about “low hanging fruit!”

Any awards you would give to the names in Numbers 26?

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