Numbers 29: Whole Lotta Bull.

Numbers 29 is basically a continuation of chapter 28. The two chapters seem to be a recap or quick reference for what sacrifices are required for different regular and special days of the year.

I thought about making some more formulas but then stuff got interesting. The last part of the chapter is about the Feast of Tabernacles. And there are instructions for each day of the festival.

The amounts of animals needed got substantially higher so I thought I would figure out some totals. And like I said back in chapter 7, spreadsheets are really handy in these situations.

Here’s the one I made for the Feast of Tabernacles.

Brought to you by the appropriately named program, "Numbers"

Can we stop for a second and think about how many animals were killed here? I’m no PETA member, but this is crazy!
Those priests had a busy week!

Also, Christians are quick to point out that Jesus becomes the final sacrifice that completes and does away with this system once and for all.

But did anyone think about the impact of Jesus on the Livestock community? If I were a sheep or a bull, I would be eternally grateful.

Note: While studying this chapter, I was listening to “The Rescue” by Explosions in the Sky. Look it up and you will see why that is funny.

That’s all folks! Come by Sunday for the first of my 6-week series on reading the Bible. You won’t want to miss it!

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  1. Just though you should know: I’ve considered using your blog as a source for an upcoming exegetical paper… Sadly, teachers frown upon blogs, but I’m all about sticking it to the man. =)

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