Deuteronomy 11: Video Blog Style!!!

Ok, so I decided to change it up a bit today. Deuteronomy is getting a little repetitive so I need to keep it fresh-like. Here is my very first ever video blog!

Applying my keen “Holmesyan” observation skills to the video, I noticed that I talk with my hands. A lot.

I also think lots of things are “interesting.”

I also think Mt. Rushmore is weird.

But this did give me a great idea for tomorrow’s post . . .

12 responses

  1. “Like Mt. Rushmore, but less weird.”. <–my favorite line!

    Great job, Ben!

    (As a tech guy, I noticed the whine of your computer's fan–that thing sounded like it was gonna blow. Glad it didn't, & you were able to deliver the awesome).

  2. Great job, Ben! I LOVE when people do video blogs. You don’t look anything like I pictured you from your site header and Twitter avi.

    I’ll leave it to your imagination if that is a good thing or not!

    • Thanks, Tony! Well, my hair is shorter and according to bryan I have lost 15 years. So that will probably do something. BTW, you are my 900th comment! Winning!

  3. I agree, Deut really gets repetitive, so much so that sometimes while reading through it I don’t always read through it. though I know that there are some nuggets in there.

    You should do more video blooging. I think it’s cool!

    Oh, and check the back of your power supply occassionally, make sure it’s not letting dust mites in.

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