Deuteronomy 16: The Place The LORD Will Choose

The world is changing.

I feel it in the water.

I smell it in the air.

Much that once . . . wait . . . this is not the beginning of Lord of the Rings.

But Galadriel has a point. Things are changing. The Israelites are in the throws of a major shift in their culture. Everything is about to change for them. Again.

We can’t forget that this is a people who has never had a homeland. First they were nomads. Then they were slaves. Then they were nomads again.

But soon, soon they will stop wandering. They will have cities. They will have fields. They will grow crops. Where they were in Winter will be where they are in Summer. The land itself will tell the story of the generations of a single family.

This is a big change.


And I almost forgot about it until Deuteronomy 16.

So . . . Where’s the Party At?

Has anyone else noticed how the tabernacle has been curiously absent from Deuteronomy?

That thing was kind of a big deal. It was the center of their whole world for forty years. And now Moses isn’t even bringing it up.

In place of the tent is the ambiguous “at the place that the LORD your God will choose as a dwelling for his name.

I suppose he could be talking about the tabernacle, but that just doesn’t seem right. It seems more permanent. It is a place. Not a thing.

It also sounds like he hasn’t picked it yet. Don’t worry, he’ll find a space, he just hasn’t chosen where exactly. But when he does, he’ll let you know.

And he’d better! Because he just told us that those big festivals we need to celebrate have to be done there, at that place.

Does This Remind Anyone Else of High School?

Psst! Spread the word. There is going to be a huge party tonight. We are going to have a huge BBQ.

I know! So rebellious! Well, actually, so obedient. Whatever. It’s going to be awesome!

Go tell your sons, daughters, male and female slaves, orphans, widows, and foreigners about it.

Yeah, even the foreigners.

What’s that? Where? Huh, I hadn’t thought of that. I have no idea.

I guess it will be wherever the LORD our God chooses as a dwelling place for his name. I kinda assume he’ll let us know.


4 responses

  1. The expectantcy is that there WILL BE a party. Just like a weekend party in high school where you hope it will be bigger and better than the last one. But this one will definitely blow the others behind it away!

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