Post for Prodigal Magazine: When Friends Clean Your Toilet

Today I have the honor of being featured in Prodigal Magazine and it has very little to do with the Bible. Stop by and check it out if you want to know a bit about my (lack of) cleaning skills and what my awesome friends taught me about grace.

Here’s a little taste of the article.

I am sitting in a remarkably clean room. This room is a part of an entire floor of my house that also happens to be remarkably clean. And do you want to know the most remarkable thing about it? I am terrible at housecleaning.

In fact, I had nothing to do with it.

Two weeks ago a group of my coworkers had a meeting at my house. We finished about an hour early and our director gave a suggestion about what we could do with our extra hour.

“So tomorrow, Ben’s girlfriend Andrea is coming to visit (she lived in St. Louis at the time) and she is going to stay here. And since this is a house where 6 guys live, it might not feel all that ‘homey’ to her. So I think we could give her a gift and just make the house a little more . . . hospitable.”

Everyone seemed to love the idea of spending an hour cleaning my house. Everyone except me.

Read the rest of it right here.


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