Deuteronomy 30: Choose Life

No, this is not a post about abortion, though I think both sides in the debate might learn something from Deuteronomy 30. Interesting how that title marries both of them together. Anyway . . .

Why Choose Life?

God’s people choose life because that is what God chooses.

Huh? Did you even read the last two chapters?

Yes, I did. And I read this one. There is some reality about the God of Israel: The story he tells does not end in death. It ends in life. It ends in restoration. It ends with things being better off than they were before.

His people may end up disobeying him and they will deal with all the horrible consequences of their actions. But when that time is over, they might turn to him again. And if they do, he will restore them to a glory they have not yet known.

Though the journey may be rough, God chooses life for his people.

So he wants them to choose it too.

How Choose Life?

They can choose the good life he has given them for two reasons:

  1. They have everything they need to obey him
  2. There is really no incentive to not do it.

The law is not too hard. And it is not so confusing or distant that they can’t understand it. It actually makes a lot of sense.

And they have it. they don’t have to go anywhere to get it. God has given it to them. It is on their lips and in their hearts.

But they do have to wrestle with the implications of that law. Sometimes, it probably seems like God is giving them unbelievable amounts of freedom. Other times, he is challenging some of the deepest seeded desires of humanity.

And even reading it as a 21st Century-er, I must admit that a lot of it seems really good to me.

Choosing life is a lot easier to do when you have everything you need and have no fear of doing it. It is way more possible when you have all the resources and community you need. 

The Choice Is Yours

I have set before you today life and prosperity, death and adversity . . .

I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.

Choose life . . .

God gives them a choice. The imagery makes me think he is holding out his hands to his people. In one hand are blessings, life, and prosperity. In the other are death, curses, adversity.

“Which one do you want? Because both are available to you. It’s your call which way you go from here. I just think you should choose life.”

God is pro-choice and pro-life.

Oh yeah. I just went there.


4 responses

    • I know. I probably took this from where it was supposed to go. But what the heck? interesting that instead of just telling them to choose him, God gives them everything they need to make that choice. I wonder if we do the same for others?

  1. I like what you said. He gave them everything they needed to choose life. To choose Him. Same as today. We have everything we need. In reality, we have more than Israel, because we have the Spirit.

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