Joshua 12: The Post-Game Interview

(The following is an interview that took place in Israel’s locker room after their championship-round defeat of the King of Tizrah)

'101222 Entente de Setif raise UNAF Winners' Cup | تتويج وفاق سطيف بكأس اتحاد شمال إفريقيا للأبطال الفائزة | L’Entente de Sétif décroche la Coupe des Vainqueurs de Coupe de l’UNAF' photo (c) 2010, Magharebia - license:

Well Joshua, it’s been a great season. You and your team went undefeated this year. And if that weren’t enough, every one of your games was on the road. How’d you do it?

Well, you know, I just want to give credit where credit is due. We have a great team. They have been through a lot with me. Actually, I feel like I have known them their whole lives. 

That’s because you have.

Good point. Well, like I was saying, the team was great but it really comes down to the management. Our GM had a game plan and he kept telling me to stick with it. He hadn’t let us down yet so I just figured I’d go with it. I’d say it worked pretty well. 

Indeed. No one is going to argue with “undefeated.”

Tell me something; there was a lot of speculation that Israel was not going to do well without their former team captain, Moses. What was the key to your success in the transition.

Sure, Moses was a great leader. We pretty much owe our whole existence to him. But even before he was gone, our GM was very clear with the whole team that I was going to be in charge. I didn’t have to fight for the position. He just gave it to me. And we have the utmost faith in our GM to make good calls so the team just went with it. 

Tell us about the first victory of the season, at Jericho.

You know how they say that the first win is always the hardest. That was the strangest win I’ve ever experienced. Honestly, I was a little worried that all of our games were going to involve marching around the field blowing vuvuzelas. Not to sound like a broken record, but the GM knew what he was doing, even if we didn’t.

Now, from there, your season almost hit a disaster when you played Ai.

Yeah, that was tough. It’s never fun when you lose a bunch of your teammates because one guy decides to use performance enhancing drugs. But we took care of the problem and honestly, the rest of the season was pretty smooth. We settled into a groove and got it done. I can’t say enough good things about the GM and the team. This one’s for you guys . . . unless you have taken Nazirite vows! (pops the cork on a bottle of champaign and pours it all over Caleb)

So what’s next for the team? What will you do during the off-season?

Honestly, I’ve been thinking of retiring. I’m getting old, man. This is a young man’s game. We have made a lot of progress and I think I have played my part, but there is still a long way to go. It’s time for one of these other guys to take over. 

Joshua of Israel, thanks for your time and congratulations again.


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  1. My Tennessee Volunteers sing “I don’t give a ______ about the whole state of X” when they beat someone. I wonder if Israel sang anything similar?

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