Joshua 18: Travel Digest’s Canaan Vacation

Cool, flowing rivers; mountain vistas overlooking lush, peaceful valleys; freshwater springs that put that bottled stuff you are drinking to shame; exotic cities; mysterious forests; beautiful, sandy beaches.

All of these and more await you on your next trip to the inheritance of the Tribe of Benjamin!

This small piece of land may not look like much on the map, but some places you just have to see to believe. Trust us. We sent 21 of our finest travel writers to scour the land and bring back a report. “Glowing” doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

Let’s start with the Aquatic features Benjamin has to offer.

The Jordan River

Beauty AND hugely significant historical importance? How could you possibly pass this place up. Take a day trip tubing down to the dead sea. Or educate your children on national history by taking them up to the pile of stones Joshua placed in the river. The Jordan river has a little something for everyone!

The Dead Sea

Don’t worry about the name, this place is hopping with life . . . Night life! Sorry, not a lot of sea life happening here. The dead sea is the best place to meet singles from Reuben and Judah. Get those children of yours married off quickly!

This is you after getting the Bride price

Mountains & Valleys

If natural beauty is your thing, you could do far worse than Benjamin. This little stretch of land has more ups and downs than you will know what to do with. The rolling hill country is a sight to behold, and we are pretty sure it is clear of pesky Canaanites. Take the kids on a hike to the mountains of Lower Beth-horon and the one overlooking the valley of Hinnom.

Heck, they don’t even have names yet. First one to the top gets the mountain named after them!

Urban Lifestyle

If it wasn’t clear already, Benjamin is small but packed full of goodies. No less than twelve cities . . . TWELVE!! . . . dot the landscape. And all of them are ripe for the taking. Though, if you take this travel writer’s advice, I’d stay away from Jericho. Word on the street is that place is cursed!

But we highly recommend Jebus (Jerusalem). We predict big things for that city in the future. You might want to get in and buy some real estate now before everyone else shows up. Just remember us when we come to visit, okay? 🙂

So enjoy your stay in Benjamin’s land, or as we like to say over here “have a great Vay-Canaan!”

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