Joshua 19: Israelite Tribal Mottos

“Eureka . . . I Have Found It!”

That is my home state of California’s official motto. Don’t you love that it has an ellipsis in it? But just so I share the love, my current state of Oregon’s motto is:

“Alis Volat Propiis”

She flies with her own wings.

States need mottos. That is just a fact. Don’t argue. And since the tribes of Israel are a bit like states, I figured they also needed some mottos.

In Joshua 19 there are seven tribes who officially get land. In each description, there was just enough information to construct what I believe is a fitting motto. First I will give it in latin, then in English. Should I have done it in Hebrew? Probably. But I will leave that up to you.

(I got these from an online Latin translator. I cannot vouch for their accuracy.)


“Res secui alius hereditas est secus nocens”

Being a part of another’s inheritance is not so bad


“Oriens obviam oriens”

East toward the morning. (This is actually a great motto!)


“Domus dulcis sedecim”

Home of the Sweet Sixteen

An alternate motto could be: SHAHAZUMAH!!!!!


“Tyre munitus quod Sidon quantum. Quis es vos iens efficio super is?”

Tyre the Fortified and Sidon the Great. What are you going to do about it?


“Contactus zebulun in meridianus utpote 1200 B.C.”

Touching Zebulun in the South since 1200 B.C.”


“Operor non insisto in mihi. Ego sum vultus procul vos Leshem!”

Don’t tread on me. I’m looking at you, Leshem!

And that’s what I got. I can’t wait to see how they put those on their flags and seals!

You may notice that I left out the other five tribes. Well, now it’s your turn! Here’s a link to the Latin Translator. Write a motto for one of the other tribes in the comments. 

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