Judges 16: Hey There Delilah

I’ve seriously been waiting two years for this chapter. Here’s why.

Hey there Delilah what’s it like in Sorek City
The women of the Philistines to me are oh so pretty, just like you
Even if they just want me subdued
How much they payin’ you?

Hey there Delilah while we slept inside our bed
You asked my hypothetical questions
That often left me dead, So what’d I do?
I didn’t tell the truth to you. Did you expect me to?

Oh it’s what you say to me
Oh it’s filled with irony

Three times you tried to learn my tale
And every time your plans did fail
You nagged and pestered me most every day
When finally I’d had enough

I said the thing that made me tough
Was my long and flowing Nazirite mane
Shaved my head, I’m neutralized
The Philistines gouged out my eyes
My world will never ever be the same
And you’re to blame

Hey there Delilah
Even though I cannot see you
I’ve another trick that’s up my sleeve
I wouldn’t to be you or your friends
This temple’s falling on our heads
And now we’re dead.

Oh it’s what you say to me
Oh it’s filled with irony


7 responses

  1. Most excellent song!!! Good lyrics and a great tune. And it even captures the essence of the chapter. I guess that was your point. : –)

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