Judges 18: If Israel Has No King . . .

If Israel has no king then people can do whatever is right in their own eyes.

If they can do whatever is right in their own eyes, the tribe of Dan won’t have anywhere to live.

If they have nowhere to live, they will send out spies to find somewhere to live.

While they are spying, they will find Micah’s house.

When they find Micah’s house, they will ask his priest if they will succeed.

If he tells them they will succeed, they will keep spying.

If the Danites keep spying, they will discover the suburbs.

If they discover the suburbs, they will urge the rest of the Danites to take over the suburbs.

If they decide to take over the suburbs, they will send an army of 600 people to the suburbs.

On their way to the suburbs, they will stop, once again, at Micah’s house.

When they stop at Micah’s house, they will steal his idols, ephod,  and priest.

When Micah finds out they stole his stuff, he will ask them why.

When he asks them why, the Danites will say, “Shut up or we’ll kill you!”

When they say, “Shut up or we’ll kill you,” Micah will shut up.

When he shuts up, the Danites will keep marching to the suburbs.

When they arrive at the suburbs, they will kill everyone in the suburbs and burn down the suburbs.

After they burn down the suburbs, they will rebuild the suburbs.

Once they have rebuilt the suburbs, they will live in the suburbs.

When they live in the suburbs, they will use Micah’s idol and priest as their own.

If Israel has no king.


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