Numbers 20: You Shall Not PASS!!!!

Maybe its because “The Hobbit” trailer is awesome. Maybe because of that, my wife and I read “The Hobbit” out loud to each other. And maybe we are reading “The Fellowship of The Ring” out loud to each other. And maybe we watched half of that movie last night. And maybe my friends and I … Continue reading

Three Principles You Might Be Able To Pull Out of Numbers 18

Alrighty people. Here’s what I am going to do with Numbers 18. I will take three verses that I found particularly interesting and extend the principle to a place that it may or may not have had any intention of going. Sound good? Verse 3 “But they (the Levites) must not approach either the utensils … Continue reading

Numbers 4: Cleaning Up Camp

“Clean up! Clean up! / Everybody everywhere / Clean up! Clean Up! / Everybody do your share” – Best. Song. Ever. Life as an Israelite (I just realized I must have spelled that word wrong dozens of times while writing this blog. D’oh!) is always on the go. They entire community is mobile and needs … Continue reading

Leviticus 16: Twas The Day Of Atonement

Twas the Day of Atonement, and all through the camp Only Aaron was stirring, dressed like a champ. He drew near the tent with his bull and his ram, And a glistening butcher knife clasped in his hand. The people entrusted two goats to his care, In hopes that forgiveness soon would be theirs. One … Continue reading

Leviticus 9: First Day On The Job

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Leviticus 9 is a chapter where a lot of stuff goes right. Things happen as they should. Much is done “as the LORD commanded Moses” or, “as Moses had commanded.” And that’s nice. We have been on a pretty good streak ever since that little hiccup in Exodus 32. Aaron Arrayed in his newly minted … Continue reading