“A Year of Biblical Womanhood” by Rachel Held Evans: My Whole Dang Review.

Rachel Held Evans spent a year of her life living out as many of the Bibles commands for women as literally as possible. And this being a blog about, you know, the Bible, I knew it was a must read. Here is why she did it: There is a lot of talk in the American … Continue reading

Judges 3: The First Three Judges

There are two things the people of Israel need to teach their children: The story of God delivering them from Egypt, the commandments he gave, and how to follow them. According to Judges 3, the Art of War There are also two things Judges are supposed to do (according to Judges 2): Deliver Israel from … Continue reading

Learning The Story, Living The Story part 5: Context, Context, Context!

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Welcome to part 5 of my 6 week series on being transformed by the Bible. Here is a quick recap of where we’ve been so far: We can’t learn the story if we don’t read the story The Bible isn’t the teacher’s edition of life Don’t read the Bible alone Those were the “unhelpful” posts. … Continue reading

Three Principles You Might Be Able To Pull Out of Numbers 18

Alrighty people. Here’s what I am going to do with Numbers 18. I will take three verses that I found particularly interesting and extend the principle to a place that it may or may not have had any intention of going. Sound good? Verse 3 “But they (the Levites) must not approach either the utensils … Continue reading