Judges 6 part 1: Gideon and The Angel

Things got bad in Post-Deborah Israel. Real bad. Midian took over. And they did something that no other nation had done: destroyed Israel’s crops and livestock. They were like locusts. The only way Israel could survive was to hide in the mountains and caves. So that’s what Israel did. And that’s exactly what our plucky … Continue reading

Judges 3: The First Three Judges

There are two things the people of Israel need to teach their children: The story of God delivering them from Egypt, the commandments he gave, and how to follow them. According to Judges 3, the Art of War There are also two things Judges are supposed to do (according to Judges 2): Deliver Israel from … Continue reading

Judges 1: Tying Up The Loose Ends

Judges begins much in the same way Transformers 2 began, though I haven’t actually seen the beginning of the movie so I could be way off. The Autobots (Israelites) wage their battles to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons (Canaanites). All the remaining ones anyway. Wow, who knew Transformers had such a deep subtext? … Continue reading