Deuteronomy 34: So Long, Moses

Then Moses, the servant of the LORD, died there in the land of Moab, at the LORD’s command. There it is. Moses is gone. But doesn’t it seem fitting? There is nothing showy or heroic about that sentence. No fanfare. No slow-motion emotional manipulation. It says what it says. That is how you would expect … Continue reading


Leviticus 24: Teachable Moment

If you are still riding high of the endorphins from the last chapter, I apologize. The party’s over, people. We have some serious business to attend to. Leviticus 24 gives us, yet again, an example of a situation that prompts the creation of new laws. The first set was back in chapter 10 after Aaron’s … Continue reading

Leviticus 21: The Price of Priesthood

If you’ve been following along in Leviticus, you have probably seen that Israel’s priests are some busy guys. It was starting to feel like there was no end to their responsibilities. Well, that all changed in Leviticus 21. The priests finally learn some things they shouldn’t do. Running the local morgue tops the list. Relationships … Continue reading