Joshua 18: Travel Digest’s Canaan Vacation

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Cool, flowing rivers; mountain vistas overlooking lush, peaceful valleys; freshwater springs that put that bottled stuff you are drinking to shame; exotic cities; mysterious forests; beautiful, sandy beaches. All of these and more await you on your next trip to the inheritance of the Tribe of Benjamin! This small piece of land may not look … Continue reading

Joshua 16: Why The Canaanites Were (Almost) Wiped Out

The Canaanites were supposed to be destroyed, right? Like, all of them, gone. Isn’t that what God said? If so, why have I read the following two passages in the last two chapters:  But the people of Judah could not drive out the Jebusites, the inhabitants of Jerusalem; so the Jebusites live with the people of … Continue reading

Joshua 6: The “Battle” of Jericho

Alright! Joshua 6! Another one of those über-famous stories that also happens to be über-weird and über-interesting. I just figured out how to put an umlaut on my “u,” so I plan on üsing it liberally. I’d like to start talking about this battle by acknowledging the difficulty of reading about the slaughter of an … Continue reading

Joshua 1: Hello, Joshua

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Oh man! Can you feel it? Everything is so new! We’re kicking off Joshua today, I have new markers and a new binder for my manuscript, Spring is in the air, I saw The Avengers on Saturday and couldn’t fall asleep because I was thinking about how awesome it was. Maybe I didn’t need that last part … Continue reading

Deuteronomy 30: Choose Life

No, this is not a post about abortion, though I think both sides in the debate might learn something from Deuteronomy 30. Interesting how that title marries both of them together. Anyway . . . Why Choose Life? God’s people choose life because that is what God chooses. Huh? Did you even read the last … Continue reading

Deuteronomy 26: Contract Negotiations

Well, I think with Deuteronomy 26, we are rounding third and headin’ for home (it’s a brown-eyed handsome mayyyaaaan! [it’s hard to write like John Fogerty sings {that’s right, it’s baseball season! Go A’s!}]). I think . . . THINK that this is now the end of the law section of the book. The clue … Continue reading