Joshua 11: Why Joshua is a Difficult Book to Read

Joshua 11 plays with your emotions. It builds suspense, has intense action, and celebrates glorious victories. Then it beats you down and leaves you questioning everything. Here’s what I mean. Against The Odds It seems that the chances of Joshua’s success decrease with each successive battle. Jericho was a walk in the park. Ai had … Continue reading

Joshua 6: The “Battle” of Jericho

Alright! Joshua 6! Another one of those über-famous stories that also happens to be über-weird and über-interesting. I just figured out how to put an umlaut on my “u,” so I plan on üsing it liberally. I’d like to start talking about this battle by acknowledging the difficulty of reading about the slaughter of an … Continue reading

Joshua 5: To This Day . . .

Do you think if the Israelite men knew they were going to get circumcised upon crossing the river they still would have done it? I don’t know. I’m just asking. Geez! Well, apparently this generation of Israel was not so hot on cutting off their sons’ foreskins because none of them are circumcised. And we … Continue reading

Joshua 4: Out of the River

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Confession: I was wrong. I take back what I said yesterday about the limited amount of space given to the crossing of the Jordan. Joshua 4 actually gives a lot of airtime to the ceremony following the crossing. My bad. I spoke too soon. The New Moses Remember what Moses’ name meant? “Out of the … Continue reading

Joshua 3: Crossing The Jordan

Sometimes the Bible is the king of understatements. We’ve been building up to the events of Joshua 3 for a LONG TIME. It has been the major narrative focus ever since they crossed the Red Sea (speaking of that, what is it with these people and crossing through water?). And how much space is devoted … Continue reading

Joshua 2: 3 Lessons From the Most Famous Prostitute in History

Rahab is easily the most famous prostitute in history. But she did not gain her fame by the ways we might think. She did not entertain kings or subvert kingdoms with public scandal. She chose a different path, and the world has never been the same. Here are three things we can learn from her … Continue reading

Joshua 1: Hello, Joshua

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Oh man! Can you feel it? Everything is so new! We’re kicking off Joshua today, I have new markers and a new binder for my manuscript, Spring is in the air, I saw The Avengers on Saturday and couldn’t fall asleep because I was thinking about how awesome it was. Maybe I didn’t need that last part … Continue reading