Judges 19: The Levite’s Concubine

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What do you say about a story like this? A woman, given by her husband to an angry mob, raped all night, left for dead on the front porch, cut into pieces and sent to the tribes as a message. What do you do? Do you try to figure out what the point of the … Continue reading


Deuteronomy 14: On Tithing, Levites, and the Poor

Rather than bore you with some more information about what you can and cannot eat, I’d like to jump into the second half of Deuteronomy 14 because it was decidedly un-boring. I’m telling you all, if you can plow through the slower parts of the Bible, you will find gold. GOLD!!! Tithing In chapter 14, … Continue reading

Numbers 35: A Prison Run By The Prisoners (Guest post by Mandy Broughton)

Today’s guest post is by Mandy Broughton. Mandy Broughton is a nerdy girl who loved school (M.A. in Clinical Psychology and M.A. in Christian Education).  But as much as she loved school, she loves reading more.  So with that thought in mind, she is attempting to make this “writing thing” a go.  She writes mysteries … Continue reading

Numbers 8: 3 Awesome Reasons to be a Levite

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You may recall that last week I wrote a little post about why taking a Nazirite vow would be awesome. Well, just when you thought the awesomeness couldn’t get any awesomer, Numbers 8 comes along and drops more awesome things right into our laps! It is like Christmas all over again! Are you ready? Let’s … Continue reading

Numbers 4: Cleaning Up Camp

“Clean up! Clean up! / Everybody everywhere / Clean up! Clean Up! / Everybody do your share” – Best. Song. Ever. Life as an Israelite (I just realized I must have spelled that word wrong dozens of times while writing this blog. D’oh!) is always on the go. They entire community is mobile and needs … Continue reading

Numbers 3: Meet The Levites

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One of these tribes is not like the others. One of these tribes just doesn’t belong (in the army, that is). Any guesses as to which one? That’s right! The Levites! Numbers 3 is dedicated to giving us a more comprehensive understanding of what this little tribe is all about. I found two main things … Continue reading