Leviticus 9: First Day On The Job

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Leviticus 9 is a chapter where a lot of stuff goes right. Things happen as they should. Much is done “as the LORD commanded Moses” or, “as Moses had commanded.” And that’s nice. We have been on a pretty good streak ever since that little hiccup in Exodus 32. Aaron Arrayed in his newly minted … Continue reading

Leviticus 6: A Day in the Life

5:30am: Wakin’ up in the morning. 5:35am: Gotta get fresh. Gotta go down to the tabernacle. Use last “Friday” reference. Sneak the hot sauce in your pocket. You will need this later. 6:00am: Arrive at tabernacle. Say hi to Bernie, the doorman. Notice the ashes of the previous night’s burnt offerings on the altar. 6:05am: Put … Continue reading

Leviticus 4: We All Make Mistakes

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Something is happening. I don’t quite know how to explain it. Actually, I do. I am getting excited about Leviticus. The reasons for this are 3-fold. I started reading a book called “God Behaving Badly” by David T. Lamb. Read the first line and see for yourself why this is going to be an awesome … Continue reading

Leviticus 3: All Fat Is The Lord’s

Chapter 1 was burnt offerings. Chapter 2 was grain offerings. Chapter 3 is the slightly less self-explanatory “Fellowship Offering.” As best as I can tell, one would make this offering because they wanted to have a BBQ and invite all their friends over. That officially makes the fellowship offering my favorite offering of all the … Continue reading

Leviticus 2: Grain Offerings

A many thanks to all who participated in yesterday’s “awful audition song” post. For my money, Tor Constantino gave the best suggestion with “Afternoon Delight” by the Starland Vocal Band. Is there a less sexy song about sex? I think not. Congrats, Tor. You’re a sick man. ————– Grain Offerings: A Brief “How To” Leviticus … Continue reading