Numbers 8: 3 Awesome Reasons to be a Levite

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You may recall that last week I wrote a little post about why taking a Nazirite vow would be awesome. Well, just when you thought the awesomeness couldn’t get any awesomer, Numbers 8 comes along and drops more awesome things right into our laps! It is like Christmas all over again! Are you ready? Let’s … Continue reading

Numbers 3: Meet The Levites

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One of these tribes is not like the others. One of these tribes just doesn’t belong (in the army, that is). Any guesses as to which one? That’s right! The Levites! Numbers 3 is dedicated to giving us a more comprehensive understanding of what this little tribe is all about. I found two main things … Continue reading

Leviticus 21: The Price of Priesthood

If you’ve been following along in Leviticus, you have probably seen that Israel’s priests are some busy guys. It was starting to feel like there was no end to their responsibilities. Well, that all changed in Leviticus 21. The priests finally learn some things they shouldn’t do. Running the local morgue tops the list. Relationships … Continue reading

Leviticus 14: Home Improvement

Is there anything these priests can’t do? You can add to the already long list of responsibilities “Home Inspector.” These guys could work circles around most pastors and priests nowadays. What’s that? You preach AND visit sick people? Congratulations! Yesterday I slaughtered a bull, BBQed it, ate that sucker, diagnosed several skin diseases and prescribed … Continue reading

Leviticus 13: Skin Disease Flow Chart.

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I am going to have to revise my previous post about what Priests do all day. Leviticus 13 informed me that in addition to being butchers, and BBQ chefs, they must also act as doctors by diagnosing various potential skin diseases. This could get confusing for them. So in order to help out, I created … Continue reading

Leviticus 9: First Day On The Job

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Leviticus 9 is a chapter where a lot of stuff goes right. Things happen as they should. Much is done “as the LORD commanded Moses” or, “as Moses had commanded.” And that’s nice. We have been on a pretty good streak ever since that little hiccup in Exodus 32. Aaron Arrayed in his newly minted … Continue reading