Deuteronomy 5: The Ten Commandments Reloaded

Yes, if there is one more chapter about the Ten Commandments, I’m calling it “The Ten Commandments Revolutions.”photo © 2005 Mick Wright | more info (via: Wylio) Like last time, I noticed that there could easily have been more than ten commandments here. If you look at all the imperatives, there are fifteen. Some are … Continue reading

Numbers 28: Formulas For Offerings

As happens frequently in Numbers, interesting narrative is interrupted by some laws. These laws don’t seem to flow naturally out of the previous story, but may have some relevance to later stories. We’ll see how this one goes. Numbers 28 is a list of five different times when the Israelites should offer sacrifices. When you … Continue reading

Numbers 15: The LORD Spoke to Moses

If you have been following along in your real Bible (reading this blog doesn’t count), you have probably noticed the phrase “The LORD spoke to Moses,” repeat (33 times by the end of this chapter) a lot. Well, it happens three times in Numbers 15 and each one has juicy golden boneless hot-wings goodness in … Continue reading