Judges 16: Hey There Delilah

I’ve seriously been waiting two years for this chapter. Here’s why. Hey there Delilah what’s it like in Sorek City The women of the Philistines to me are oh so pretty, just like you Even if they just want me subdued How much they payin’ you? Hey there Delilah while we slept inside our bed … Continue reading

Deuteronomy 32: Rock Song

In the last chapter we were promised a song. Not just any song, but a song that would be a witness against Israel should they turn from the LORD and follow other gods. And boy, does Deuteronomy 32 deliver! But what kind of song is it? What is the tone? The lyrical structure? The emotion? … Continue reading

Exodus 15: Who Should Sing The Song of Moses?

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Exodus 15 is the first recorded song in the Bible; a triumphant (and somewhat violent) tribute God’s victory over the Egyptian army. But I am left with one gigantic question: What did it sound like? The only clue we get is that Miriam (the first prophet mentioned in the Bible) uses a tambourine when she … Continue reading