Leviticus 14: Home Improvement

Is there anything these priests can’t do? You can add to the already long list of responsibilities “Home Inspector.” These guys could work circles around most pastors and priests nowadays. What’s that? You preach AND visit sick people? Congratulations! Yesterday I slaughtered a bull, BBQed it, ate that sucker, diagnosed several skin diseases and prescribed … Continue reading

Leviticus 13: Skin Disease Flow Chart.

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I am going to have to revise my previous post about what Priests do all day. Leviticus 13 informed me that in addition to being butchers, and BBQ chefs, they must also act as doctors by diagnosing various potential skin diseases. This could get confusing for them. So in order to help out, I created … Continue reading

Leviticus 11: Clean and Unclean Foods

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Here is the post I was going to write for Leviticus 11: So I moved into my new apartment and haven’t gone shopping yet. I have no food. I am also getting very hungry. Oh somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody. Can anybody find meeeeeeeeeeeeee some clean food to eat? But that was about all I was … Continue reading