Some Final Thoughts on Judges

Things often start a lot better than they end. If there was ever a time when the promise of the future seemed brightest, when hope was the most alive, it would be the beginning of Judges.  When I started reading it, I was rooting for Israel. Come on people! You can do it! You have everything … Continue reading

Judges 21: This is How it Ends

I’m finished with Judges. And I feel like I need a shower. It’s gross, wrong, sickening, infuriating, confusing and a host of other things unpleasant. I guess the Bible isn’t really afraid of stuff like that. A quick recap for you: Men from the tribe of Benjamin gang-rape and kill the wife of a Levite. … Continue reading

“A Year of Biblical Womanhood” by Rachel Held Evans: My Whole Dang Review.

Rachel Held Evans spent a year of her life living out as many of the Bibles commands for women as literally as possible. And this being a blog about, you know, the Bible, I knew it was a must read. Here is why she did it: There is a lot of talk in the American … Continue reading

Judges 13: Samson’s Mom the Theologian

Samson’s mom has got it goin’ on.  Seriously. She does. Let me give you a few reasons: Reason #1: The Angel of the LORD appears to her This doesn’t happen to just anyone. Hagar, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Gideon . . . I might be missing a few. These are special people. Or maybe the Angel … Continue reading

Numbers 31: The Cursers Get Cursed

Remember that incident with Midian a little ways back? Well, let’s say that some guys from Israel engaged in some inappropriate hanky-panky with some women from Midian resulting in some rather unfortunate idolatry which resulted in a plague that killed 24,000 people. And do you remember how during that time there were a lot of … Continue reading

Numbers 27: The Status Quo Gets A Beat-Down

I’ll tell you something. There have been a lot of chapters in Numbers that I have been very excited about. But I am pretty sure Numbers 27 is my favorite so far. Why? God decides to give a couple of long standing traditions a kick in the pants. Women’s Rights Zelophehad was a stand-up guy. … Continue reading

Numbers 5: The Water That Causes Bitterness

Today’s post on Numbers 5 is a mini lesson in why you shouldn’t go with your first impression on confusing texts of the Bible. And let me just say for the record, Numbers 5 is con-FU-sing! We were cruising along just fine counting people and giving them jobs, when BAM! A complete non sequitur of … Continue reading