Guest Posting

I think it would be a total shame to keep “The Whole Dang Thing” to myself. Therefore I am very open to others doing guest posts here. The guidelines are pretty simple if you want to do one.

  1. Contact me (Jben425[at]gmail[dot]com) and tell me what upcoming chapter you would like to take. This is up for negotiation since there are some I REALLY want to talk about. Tell me your idea for what you would do with your chapter.
  2. Study the chapter. Take your time and do a good read of it. If you need some help, look at the “How I do it” page.
  3. Write your response. I try to keep things around 500 words or so. You can do a little more or a little less. Truthfully, you could respond in a number of ways: words, art, video, pictures. I am open to ideas. Just clear it with me first.
  4. Be Yourself. If your blog has a theme, feel free to use that framework. If you want to be funny, be funny. If you want to be deep, be deep. If you want to relate what you read to what is going on in your life, do that as well.
  5. Send it to me. I’ll post it when that chapter comes up.
  6. Promote the Heck out of it. We both want other people to read this. It is good for us both. So do it!

Since I am going through in order it will be difficult to ask for a post in, say, Isaiah when I am about to start Exodus. Look to where I will be in a couple of weeks. That will work the best.

For Example: I am about to start Exodus. Your best best is to pick something 10-20 chapters ahead of where I am.


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