Chapter 1: The Pharaoh Menace

Chapter 2: Meet Moses

Chapter 3: 3 Things You Didn’t Know About The Burning Bush

Chapter 4: Back To Egypt. and Part II: Throw It On The GROUND!

Chapter 5: The Most Dangerous Prayer. Guest post by Shawn Smucker

Chapter 6: Who Is This About?

Chapter 7: Snakes and a Plague. Guest post by Jared Hollier

Chapter 8: Call The ORKIN Man! Guest post by Tor Constantino

Chapter 9: The Big Reveal

Chapter 10: Pharaoh’s Future. Guest post by Andrea Garner

Chapter 11: One More Plague

Chapter 12: 3 Things I Learned About Passover

Chapter 12 part 2: The Scandal of the Passover

Chapter 13: Remembering Their Story

Chapter 14: Ballade of the Red Sea

Chapter 15: Who Should Sing the Song of Moses?

Chapter 16: The Complaints Department

Chapter 17: Observation, Interpretation, Application

Chapter 18: Three Possible Posts About Jethro

Chapter 19: The Birth of a Nation

Chapter 20: The 12 Commandments

Chapter 21: Let The Law Begin!

Chapter 22: Pop Quiz!

Chapter 23: Truth, Trust, and Goats

Chapter 24: Let’s Make It Official

Chapter 25: The iArk

Chapter 26: Skilled Workers Needed! (Guest post by Alise Wright)

Chapter 27: Building the Tabernacle

Chapter 28: Fashion Show!

Chapter 29: So You Think You Can Priest

Chapter 30: Holy Aromas

Chapter 31: The Resident Artist

Exodus: The Big Picture So Far

Chapter 32 part 1: Changing His Mind

Chapter 32 part 2: Discipline “God’s Way”

Chapter 33: As A Man Speaks With His Friend

Chapter 34: Paradox

Chapter 35: Group Project

Chapter 36: Construction Begins!

Chapter 36-39: If You Build It . . .

I Built A Tabernacle!

Chapter 40: How Far We Have Come

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