Chapter 1: We Are The 603,550

Chapter 2: Seating Chart!

Chapter 3: Meet The Levites

Chapter 4: Cleaning Up Camp

Chapter 5: The Water That Causes Bitterness

Chapter 6: 4 Awesome Reasons to Take a Nazirite Vow

Chapter 7: Spreadsheets are Helpful

Chapter 8: 3 Awesome Reasons to Be a Levite

Chapter 9: Keep The Passover

Chapter 10: Get Movin’!

Chapter 11: What Do You Want?

Chapter 12: The Inclusive God

Chapter 13: Mission Impossible

Chapter 14: To Inspire Despair

Chapter 15: The LORD Spoke To Moses

Chapter 16: Loving His Enemies

Chapter 17: The Choice of God

Chapter 18: Three Things You Might Be Able To Pull Out of Numbers 18

Chapter 19: You Might Be Unclean If . . .

Chapter 20: You Shall Not PASS!!!  and part 2: A Eulogy for Aaron

Chapter 21: The Zany Misadventures of Israel

Chapter 22: Balaam’s . . . Donkey

Chapter 23: How Can I Curse Whom God Has Not Cursed?

Chapter 24: Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home

Chapter 25: What Plague?

Chapter 26: We Are The 601,730

Chapter 27: The Status Quo Gets A Beat Down

Chapter 28: Formulas For Offerings

Chapter 29: Whole Lotta Bull

Chapter 30: Vow Vetoes

Chapter 31: The Cursers Get Cursed

Chapter 32: How Two Tribes Almost Ruined It For Everyone Else

Chapter 33: Journey’s Greatest Hits

Chapter 34: The Borders Of Israel

Chapter 35: A Prison Run By The Prisoners (Guest post by Mandy Broughton)

Chapter 36: Inheritance

Celebrating Numbers: What Inheritance Will I Leave?

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