Chapter 1: Tying Up The Loose Ends

Chapter 2: Prologue

Chapter 3: The First Three Judges

Chapter 4: What is Wrong With These Women?!

Chapter 5: Proof that Rock n’ Roll is Biblical

Chapter 6 part 1: Gideon and the Angel

Chapter 6 part 2: Cautiously Courageous

Chapter 7: Less Is More

Chapter 8: Addiction Nation

Chapter 9: The World You Want

Chapter 10: God the Abused

Chapter 11: Jephthah

Chapter 12: Shibboleth

Chapter 13: Samson’s Mom the Theologian

Chapter 14: Riddles in the Park

Chapter 15: Scapegoats and Sociopaths

Chapter 16: Hey There Delilah (Video Blog)

Chapter 17: Internet Memes

Chapter 18: If Israel Has No King

Chapter 19: The Levite’s Concubine

Chapter 20: Civil War

Chapter 21: This is How It Ends

Final Thoughts on Judges

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