Chapter 1: Hello, Joshua

Chapter 2: 3 Lessons From The Most Famous Prostitute in History

Chapter 3: Crossing the Jordan

Chapter 4: Out of the River

Chapter 5: To This Day . . . 

Chapter 6: The “Battle” of Jericho

Chapter 7: How Achan Ruined It For Everyone Else

Chapter 8: The Battle of Ai (Video Blog)

Chapter 9: Shrewd Little Buggers

Chapter 10: Joshua’s Best. Day. EVER!!!

Chapter 11: Why Joshua is a Difficult Book to Read

Chapter 12: The Post Game Interview

Chapter 13: Why Being Old Isn’t That Bad

Chapter 14: The Return of Caleb

Chapter 15: The Allotment for Judah

Chapter 16: Why The Canaanites Were (Almost) Wiped Out

Chapter 17: Why The Tribe of Manasseh is Like The Empire From Star Wars

Chapter 18: Travel Digest’s Canaan Vacation

Chapter 19: Israelite Tribal Mottos

Chapter 20: Cities of Refuge (part 3)

Chapter 21: Promises, Promises 

Chapter 22: Why We Desperately Need Altars Today

Chapter 23: A Long Time Afterward

Chapter 24: So Long, Joshua

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