Chapter 1: Previously, on “The Torah”

Chapter 2: Two Thoughts and a Question

Chapter 3: The Mighty Mouth of Moses

Chapter 4 part 1: Statues Need a Story and part 2: No Eye Has Seen

Chapter 5: The Ten Commandments Reloaded

Chapter 6: Hear, O Israel

Chapter 7: Chiasm

Chapter 8: Forget Me Not

Chapter 9: Pop Quiz, Israel!

Chapter 10: The Memory of Moses

Chapter 11: Video Blog Style

Chapter 12: Bible Drinking Game!

Chapter 13: Let Us Follow Other Gods

Chapter 14: On Tithing, Levites, and The Poor

Chapter 15: Why Your Attitude Matters

Chapter 16: The Place The LORD Will Choose

Chapter 17: It’s Good To Be The King?

Chapter 18 part 1: Moses Audits Hogwarts  And part 2: A Prophet Like Moses

Chapter 19: And Justice For All

Chapter 20: Join The Army!

Chapter 21: Five Random Laws

Chapter 22: Women, Virginity, Sex, & Marriage

Chapter 23: Why Some Laws are Worth Keeping

Chapter 24: The Ever-Expanding Exodus

Chapter 25: My Favorite Old Testament Laws

Chapter 26: Contract Negotiations

Chapter 27: The Downward Spiral

Chapter 28: The Scariest Chapter in The Bible

Chapter 29: Not Quite As Scary As The Last Chapter

Chapter 30: Choose Life

Chapter 31: Was It Worth It?

Chapter 32: Rock Song

Chapter 33: Famous Last Tweets

Chapter 34: So Long, Moses

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